About Us

About us

Ideas Travel Specialists are leaders in providing luxury service whether in depth tour services throughout Buenos Aires or planning high-end individual and group travel plans in Argentina and South America.

The Best Tour Guides

Our professional guides reside in Buenos Aires and are passionate about the city where they work. They are trained and chosen for their knowledge, charm and expertise on a variety of subjects from history, architecture and geography to politics and current affairs.

Our personal advice and expertise will help you make a proper decision that will result in substantial benefits for your vacation in South America.

Areas of Expertise

Featured Trips
Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to developing exceptional tours and vacation packages. These programs include lowest airfares, estancias, five star hotels and resort properties around Argentina and South America. We design trips which are absolutely flexible and personal, customized to your personal choices.

Private Tours
Our tours are fully escorted by experienced English speaking guides who have a deep knowledge of Buenos Aires and the most important destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Peru.

Personal Assistance
Our talented staff not only plan and execute the trip but also act as a private concierge arranging everything for you. Our personal assistants will make dinner reservations, assist in an emergency and provide advice on shopping and business services.

Entertainment arrangement
Our friendly and professional guides will attend to every detail to ensure a seamless for VIPs and company visitors with ‘insider access’ privileges to authentic venues. Our staff will assist with tickets that are hard to get: theatre, sport events, and entertainment, even up until a few hours before performance time.

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