October 14, 2012

Patagonia Adventure Travel


Bariloche is well known as the best spot for adventure travel in Argentina. It is in these last years that many multi adventure trips have started to appear. They are all special, unique and each has its special charm but my favorite one day out is the Isla Victoria MTB + Kayak Adventure.

On that one day it was just five of us. Very early in the morning we got on our private boat at Tunquelen Port, at this time of the day there is a pristine golden light on the mountains while we cruise the clear waters of the lake.

We arrive to the island and find the bikes ready for us, after some stretchs and warm ups, we take off supplied with drinks and energy bars. We ride along a cool whispering forest of Coihue trees filled with birds, and we even got to see some deer running away from our passing. We ended our journey through the woods just in time to arrive for lunch at the amazing Piedras Blancas” beach.

When we get there we find the table ready for us! Different types of home made bread, smoked treats, cheeses and fruit and, why not, a glass of patagonian wine. After lunch we stretch out and relax and take a swim in the pristine waters of the bay.

In the afternoon we leave behind our bikes and after practicing the safety procedures we paddle out from the bay in our kayaks. We pass along beaches and cliffs that can only be accessed from the lake. There is one huge rock and we stop to dive from it into the lake, we have a lot of fun taking pics and videos of the whole thing! 

We head back to meet our boat. As we navigate back to the other side of the lake and Port Tunquelen we enjoy a nice tea time snack and a glass of champagne to celebrate the end of our adventure. - 

We want to thank Mr. Colo Zieffer, Expert and Coordinator of the Outdoor Activities in Patagonia and Director of Patagonia Mountains for sharing this testimonial with us. 

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