March 26, 2012

Iguazu Falls: One of the chosen 7 Wonders of the World

Iguazu Falls, also referred to as Iguassu Falls and Iguaçu Falls, is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Iguazu Falls is wider than Victoria Falls because it is split into numerous distinct individual falls over 1.67 miles (2.7 km). Subsequently, Victoria Falls has the largest curtain of water. 

Best way to see Iguazu Falls
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One of the things visitors will quickly discover is that the perspective or image of Iguazu Falls changes with every step. The best view depends on what aspect of the falls one enjoys the most. Visitors should plan at least a day and a half in order to explore the falls on both the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side and to capture all the views offered of the falls.
The Argentina side of the falls allows visitors to see various panoramic views of the falls while also providing visitors with the opportunity to view the water flow and surrounding area from atop the falls.  
The Brazilian side provides the most inclusive and comprehensive panoramic view of the falls.
The Argentinian side of the falls offers two different trails: 1) upper falls and 2) lower falls.  The upper falls trail takes visitors across catwalks that cross over several of the falls and allow visitors to look over the edges and watch the water fall to the rocks below.  The lower falls trail allows visitors to get up closer to the falls and delivers some of the best views of the falls.  
The upper and lower trails should be taken in the morning.  The sun is rising from the Brazilian side and provides the best lighting of the falls during the morning.  
The train and viewing of Devil's Throat should be done in the afternoon when the sun has at least risen above the falls. Viewing Devil's Throat in the morning will leave visitors starring into the sun.
The Brazilian side should also be explored in the morning with the sun lighting the falls from behind you. The Brazilian side is shorter and may easily be completed in the morning hours. This makes it possible to view the falls from all perspectives within a day and a half. However, visitors should be encouraged to allow for more time to enjoy the falls at a more leisurely pace as well as multiple times as the weather changes or wildlife is experienced.

Best way to experience Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls may be experienced a couple of different ways.  Without question, visitors should hike through the upper and lower trails on the Argentina side.  
The Brazilian side is for viewing the falls, the Argentina side is for experiencing the falls.
After that visitors should plan on taking one of the exhilarating boat rides that take you directly into the falls.  A common question is, "Will you get wet?"  The answer is no you will not just get wet - you will get drenched, soaked, flooded, and out right sopping wet.  For many, this is a welcomed event following a hiking experience throughout the trails.  
No matter what it is an adventure that is just out right fun.
One way to take it all in is through one of the adventure packages which may include the boat ride into the falls, an ecological jungle ride through the rainforest, and an ecological raft trip on the river above the falls. Additionally, visitors can take an open train ride above the falls along with a short walk (1 km) across the river using a catwalk out to Devil's throat.  
This should take most of the day and give you a comprehensive experience of the falls.

Best Times to Explore Iguazu Falls

The good news is that there is really not a bad time to visit the falls with the temperature and climate being fairly consistent throughout the year.  The high season for Brazilians and Argentineans are the months of January and February.  A visit during this will also include higher waters and higher temperatures.  
Easter week is also unseasonably busy as many people travel to the falls during this week.
The months of May and July are the rainy seasons and also the highest water levels.  Some prefer this because of the force and significance of the water flowing over the falls.
Probably the best times to explore Iguazu Falls are during the months of October, September and October. The weather is nicer, the falls are beautiful and the area is less crowded.
Iguazu Falls Resources
Ideas Turisticas offers packages and personalized tours of the falls. Packages may include the adventure  into the falls, the jungle tours through the rainforest, and an ecological guided raft trip atop the falls.  Ideas Turisticas can also assist you with guided services through the park and with the open aired train ride out to Devil's Throat.